An original project

OOLUX is the result of a project established by Swiss development cooperation organisations with the goal to propose an innovative lighting solution that is adapted to the needs of people without access to electricity living in developing countries.

Who we are

OOLUX is a project built on the collaborative efforts of a consortium of Swiss organisations including the Antenna Foundation – whose mission is the research and dissemination of technologies serving the needs of poor populations in the South –  Caritas Switzerland, and the Bern University of Applied Sciences. The unifying goal of this original partnership is to create a high quality alternative to the kerosene burning lamps found in households without electricity in the South.

Following an initial R&D phase carried out in close cooperation with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Antenna Foundation is pefecting OOLUX, mass-producing it, and currently testing its distribution in Africa.

OOLUX’s team

The partners

What we do

We have developed a solar solution with innovative properties destined to meet the needs of the consumers at the base of the income pyramid in developing countries.
The OOLUX solution distinguishes itself by its cutting-edge technology and its maximal modularity, which allows for multiple configurations and adjustment to a variety of contexts. Furthermore, a novel integrated micro-finance system ensures that the technology is affordable, even for households with very limited incomes.

Discover OOLUX

What makes us different

Developed by organisations active in development cooperation, OOLUX is designed to maximise the socio-economic benefits for the end users.  We took the time to conceive both a product of superior quality and a refined concept. This philosophy translates in particular into the fineness of conception, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the astuteness of the design and the novelty of the micro-finance system. The economic viability of the OOLUX solution facilitates the distribution of the product on a large scale.



Approximately 1.5 billion people do not have access to electricity. This energy poverty is a serious obstacle to the social and economic development of affected regions. Households without access to electricity rely on inefficient and costly lighting solutions, which inhibits studying, working and social activities in the evenings and early mornings.

The inequalities between those who are connected to the grid and those who are not are further enhanced by the increasing importance of mobile phones in developing countries (and therefore the necessity to charge them).


Partners in the field

Since 2013, tests in the field are ongoing with partners in several countries in Africa. The results point to a strong demand from both the consumers and our partners. These first tests also allow us to identify areas of improvement for large scale distribution.

Since 2015, we are distributing OOLUX with our partner SOLAFRICA in Cameroon.


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