A modular solar solution

The OOLUX modules can be combined in multiple ways so as to best adapt to users needs. The possibility to connect any USB-enabled device makes the solution very versatile.

Principal modules

OOLUX PowerBox

At the heart of the OOLUX lighting system is the Powerbox, an intelligent battery with two USB ports. The Powerbox also includes a micro-finance management system.


The OOLUX LED Lamps provide a very powerful lighting source while consuming very little energy. Thanks to their ingenious design, the lamps can be used in many different contexts.

Solar Panel

The powerbox can be charged with the solar module of 5W included in the OOLUX kit.


Additional modules

Universal mobile phone adapter

The universal mobile phone adapter included in the OOLUX kit allows to charge a variety of mobile phones an other devices. Any other USB adapter can also be used with the PowerBox.

OOLUX desk stand

The Lamp desk stand included in the OOLUX kit is composed of a varnished wooden base and a metal rod on which the OOLUX Led Lamp can easily be fixed.